United Nations listens to Senior Corporate Event Professionals

Published By Neil Thompson on 17th September 2020

United Nations listens to Senior Corporate Event Professionals

On Tuesday 22nd September Senior Corporate Event Professionals have the opportunity to have their voices heard within the United Nations with the intention of communicating the role of event professionals in achieving the Paris Climate Change Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (SDG’s)

The UN roundtables are part of a day long experiment run by not for profit Positive Impact Events to explore the future of how human connection happens and they are part of a global campaign to show action being taken to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)


Laura Miller Senior Event Manager for the world’s largest carpet tile maker, Interface, has already had a video shared within the SDG Action Campaign network which clearly communicates the. importance of event professionals and Laura explains the reason for her involvement, “Learning about and paying attention to sustainability initiatives and how they relate to event production was a springboard in my career. Events are the lifeblood of so many entities in the hospitality industry and we need to be strategic about how we move forward in a post-covid world”
In a world facing challenges of health, economy, climate and equality, the new narrative should be that, no matter ‘how’ the event happens, the role of an event professional is to enable inclusion and participation in the decision making needed for solutions to these challenges to be identified. CEO of Positive Impact Events Fiona Pelham explained why this is groundbreaking for the event sector, “This is an opportunity to talk about the difference event professionals can make to people outside our sector. These initiatives are examples of our speaking the language of business and government and creating a new narrative for the role of events- I can’t think of a time that this was more vital for our sector’.

For event professionals who are not corporate event planners and still want their voices to be heard within the UN there is an opportunity to take to social media and share examples of the difference events can make.

A toolkit is available with the UN hashtags and examples https://www.positiveimpactevents.com/resources/share-a-positive-impact-toolkit

For more details contact:
Fiona Pelham fiona@positive-impact-events.com
Tel: 07980651781

Positive Impact Events are a not for profit which exists to provide engagement, education and collaboration to create a sustainable event industry and since 2016 they have had a number of memorandum of understanding with United Nations Bodies.