emc3 sign Trevor Noah to speak at a virtual event

Published By Neil Thompson on 24th May 2020

emc3 sign Trevor Noah to speak at a virtual event

emc3 have just signed Trevor Noah to speak at a virtual event that they’re producing for Acorio next month: https://exclusive.acorio.com/expand-k20-party-trevor-noah

They have partnered with some of the biggest names in the business for their client events including Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, George Clooney and Jimmy Carr - and lots of speakers in their network are now accepting reduced fees to appear at virtual events and online summits. What better way to drive registrations and engagement and help your virtual event stand out from the crowd?

They have also recently produced a virtual event for Drift that attracted over 8,000 attendees: https://www.citmagazine.com/article/1683740/case-study-virtual-event-8700-delegates

emc3 are now offering free virtual event consultations to help event profs through these challenging times! So if you’re looking for a speaker for your upcoming virtual event, contact them for some ideas and inspiration: josh@emc3.com